Bulgarian Journal of Meteorology and Hydrology
               Volume 24, Number 2

Verification of the regional numerical weather prediction
in Bulgaria with ALADIN-BG in Bulgaria

Boryana Tsenova and Rilka Valcheva

On the use of atmospheric instability indices based on
NWP model production for thunderstorm forecast

Boryana Tsenova and Andrey Bogatchev

Raytracing the 8 July 2014 hail storm in Sofia, Bulgaria
Martin Slavchev, Elzbieta Lasota, Jan Kapłon

The Black Sea waves 2011-2020- hindcast based on ALADIN wind data
Vasko Galabov

Method for estimation of pre-sowing soil moisture in spring crops
Alexander N. Sadovski

Backward trajectories and cluster analysеs for study of
PM10 concentration variations in Bulgarian urban area

Rozeta Neykova and Elena Hristova

On the use of Python programming language in
NWP – atmospheric dispersion model coupling

Anton Petrov

Future air temperature changes in Sofia region
during XXI century modeled for two 30-year periods

Radoslav Evgeniev, Krastina Malcheva

Review paper

Weather and climate facts for year 2019 in Bulgaria
Ilian Gospodinov, Liliа Bocheva, Krastina Malcheva, Boryana Tsenova, Lyubov Trifonova